Pocket Spring

  1. Standard Pocket Spring Unit

    Thanks to their superior sleep and enhanced sitting comfort, the use of Pocket Springs has lately been on the rise. Pocket springs are individually wrapped in non-woven pockets and have independent movement feature.

  2. Micro Pocket Spring Unit

    Micro pocket springs manufactured by Boyçelik support the body at every point of contact thereby providing an even more luxurious sleep.

  3. CPS

    CPS is the ideal supportive spring system that moves independently of each other. Allowing for an additional spring layer, CPS springs have been developed for use on products promising greater comfort and support.

  4. FIT Pocket System

    In line with our goal to minimize the amount of carbon released into nature. Boyçelik successfully developed Fit Pocket Spring with greater support resilience than traditional spring systems.

  5. Flexi Firm

    Flexi Firm provides superior comfort and support thanks to its special geometric structure. Enjoy flawless sleep joy by sleeping on a sleep surface that conforms to your body shape and responds to your weight.

  6. OCTO

    Octo pocket spring system is the reflection of ideal comfort for supporting different body types and sleep positions and providing custom comfort.

  7. SleepTide

    Conforms to maintain body in ideal position, preventing and physical problems during sleep. Body conforming contour design provides superior resilience with minimum pressure.

  8. High Count

    High Count Spring System; a symphony of comfort developed by combining the flawless point flexibility of pocket springs to provide optimum support for the whole body during sleep, and Cell Pocket Spring System known for maintaining the spine in its natural curve by carefully balancing weight throughout the surface.

  9. DuraCoil Extended

    Let us introduce our Extended DuraCoil

  10. DPS

    Double welded Duo Pocket Systems use less pocket springs, lighter in weight to save money.

  11. C Cycling

    Small steps, lead to big changes…