Social Responsibility



A Sapling For Every One In The Memorial Forest

Boyçelik, which takes its inspiration from nature and its susceptibility towards the environment, supports the conservation of ecological balance by planting saplings on behalf of all employees and customers in the memorial forest.



Education Support Scholarships

Boyçelik does not invest only in the business world but also in communal living and the future and continues without interruption to implement social responsibility projects regarding the conservation of the environment which is the major source of inspiration for individual development. Boyçelik also provides all students from elementary school to higher education with scholarships in aid of individual development.



Blood Donation Campaign

As Boyçelik sincerely believes in the health of community life and the future, every year during blood donation week, Boyçelik cooperates with Kızılay (Turkish Red Crescent) and provides an appropriate environment to facilitate the traditional blood donation of volunteering employees.



Waste Paper Recycling Project

Boyçelik exhibits its eco-friendly approach by collecting the papers used in its offices in the special waste paper bins built for this purpose rather than throwing them away in rubbish bins.