Round&Rectangular Tubes

  1. Galvanized Tubes

    Boyçelik, offers a wide range of galvanized tubes to its customers.

  2. Rectangular Tubes

    The rectangular tubes manufactured by Boyçelik to meet different needs are presented to industrialists service.

  3. Industrial Tubes

    The industrial tubes manufactured by Boyçelik provide the best solutions to meet customer expectations for all types of industrial use.

  4. Oval and Elliptical Tubes

    Boyçelik manufactured oval tubes are preferred by Turkish and global industrialists in the furniture and decoration trades for their decorative designs.

  5. Towel Warmer Tubes

    The towel warmer tubes and profiles manufactured by Boyçelik are preferred for their aesthetic and decorative properties by the decoration and furniture industries, and can be manufactured to meet various qualities, using cold rolled strips, as suitable to further coating applications on the latest technology machinery.

  6. Special Products

    In order to meet narrowed tolerance requirements on size, physical specifiation and surface quality demands from customers, Boyçelik applies additional processes apart from its standard manufacture for the production of precision tubes.High Strengths Low Alloy Steels are used in tube products to meet the customer requirements of high strength, high toughness, formability, excellent weldability and corrosion resistance. Excellent surface quality achived with ( surface Roughness ≤ 0.40 µm ) special bright surface coils for possible chromium, nickel etc. coating processes.

  7. Fittings Tubes

    Boycelik, gained a prominent position for itself in the heating systems industry for the supply of fitting pipes used for panel radiator connection equipment. Boycelik’s capacity for on time technical support and service solutions for fittings pipes has been applauded by its industrial customers.

  8. Square Tubes

    Boyçelik’s square tubes are manufactured to international standards on the latest technology machinery to various customer specifications on quality, from cold rolled strips as suitable to further coating applications.