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Recycling positively impacts the world we live in. During our lifetime, our wastes are increasing day by day due to many reasons such as increasing of consumption, population increase, non-environmentally packaging etc. Let's all give importance to recycling and reduce the pollution caused by waste and use resources efficiently.

As Boyçelik, we have been working on recycling since our establishment. As a matter of fact, our most of materials are completely suitable for recycling. We do our best to prove this with the products and we always try to improve ourselves.

With all our knowledge and quality in pocket spring production; we added suitability for recycling. We can able to produce recyclable pocket spring unit which has wire, nonwoven and adhesive. In this way, we present our environmental sensitivity to our valued customer.

Boyçelik, which continuously designs and develops new products suitable for the needs by analyzing the changing customer requests every day, leads the sector with the following brands.

Small steps, lead to big changes…

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